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Welcome to Valley Animal Hospital

Since opening in 1946, the Valley Animal Hospital has held a great emphasis on quality care for our patients. We constantly upgrade the services available to our patients by upgrading our facilities, bringing in new, state-of-the-art equipment, and ensuring our doctors and staff are up-to-date on the latest procedures in the industry. Our dedication to quality care is evident through our certification as an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Member Hospital since 1953.

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Blog Posts

06 March

The Spring Break Pooch: A Few Things to Know About When Taking Your Dog to the Beach

Spring Break is just around the corner! If you’re planning on heading for your nearest beach to celebrate, then you’ll more than likely be going with some friends or family. Many people love taking their furry best friend as well! If you enjoy taking your dog with you to new destinations, then a beach is the perfect place to led Fido enjoy himself. However, if your pooch has never been anywhere like a beach before, then there are some things…

23 January

2018 for You and Your Pet: Resolving to Make it a Healthier Year!

It’s a new year again! Time seems to fly by so quickly these days, and if you have a furry or feathery loved one, the fun you both have in each other’s company can make time pass even faster! Now, if you’re an experienced pet owner, then you’re well aware of how important it is to keep them healthy by feeding them right, helping them exercise and having a vet examine them. If you’ve recently acquired a four-legged or winged…

12 December

Holiday Care: How to Help Your Lovable Pet Have a Safe Season

If you’re planning on being one of the millions of Americans to host a holiday party this year, then you’ll probably be deciding on who to invite, what to serve and how to accommodate for family members who’ll be staying over. However, if you’re a pet owner, then it’s very important to plan for his or her safety and well-being during this celebratory period as well. Let’s go over a few things you can do to make your furry loved…

30 October

Heartworms: What You Should be Looking Out for in Your Pet

At Valley Animal Hospital, we know that you want what’s best for your pet, and while they rely on you to advocate for their health, it’s up to us to make sure that you’re aware of all of the ways that your pet can be protected from preventable illnesses and diseases. One condition that all pet owners should be aware of is heartworm disease. Microscopic baby heartworms are transmitted by mosquito bites, and it only takes one bite to create…

22 September

World Animal Day: Mark Your Calendars for October 4th to Celebrate Your Pet!

It’s safe to say that the average pet owner loves to spoil their dog, cat and other four-legged, feathered, furry or scaled family member. After all, they’re a part of the family! If you love splurging on Fido or Fluffy, then mark your calendar for October 4th; it’s World Animal Day! If you’ve never heard of it, then here’s what you should know. According to this special and important holiday’s website, the mission of World Animal Day is to “raise…