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Dr. Andrew Greller Sees What Your Pet’s Eyes Need

A Positive Vision For Your Four-Footed Family Member

“I feel very humbled, healing a beloved pet’s eyes — and, in turn, opening up the whole family’s eyes to healthy vision-care habits, especially during May, NATIONAL PET MONTH.” –Dr. Andrew Greller

May is National Pet Month, with the goal of promoting responsible pet ownership. Accordingly, Dr. Andrew Greller, a veterinary Ophthalmologist based here in San Antonio, Texas, offers the following “6 Tips for Spot’s Healthy Eye Care” to local pet owners.

“As a veterinary eye specialist, I have seen every crazy thing happen to a dog’s and cat’s eyes,” he says, adding that eye problems are the third most likely cause for a pet’s visit to the veterinarian, besides a wellness visit. (No. 1 is digestive issues, while skin issues take second place.) Greller treated about 2,000 patients locally for sight-related ailments in 2012. “The most common conditions I see are dry eye, corneal ulcers, cataracts, and glaucoma,” he notes.

Some of these things are preventable, and this is how his guidelines below will help pet owners and their four-footed family members — during National Pet Month, and throughout the whole year as well. Click here to read the rest of the article.