Heartworms: What They Are and How to Prevent Them

If you’re a pet owner, then we’re well aware of just how important your four-legged friends are to you. They greet you the moment you set foot in your home (unless you own a cat with an attitude!) and they always show their affection, no matter what. But, are you doing everything in your power... Read More

Cool Pups for the Summer Months

Spring has a tendency to feel just like summer in the Rio Grande Valley. This means a blazing sun, scorching hot temperatures, and the need to stay cool throughout the day. This is especially true for our pups, who rely on our help to keep them comfortable, cool, and safe. At Valley Animal Hospital, we... Read More

Microchipping: What You Should Know About It and Why It’s Beneficial for Your Pet – Part 2

In our previous piece, we discussed what microchipping was, how it helped owners locate their pets and the many benefits in adopting the product. In this blog, we’d like to go into much more detail regarding the most interesting tidbits of microchipping, specifically the HomeAgain® brand of microchip and how it works to identify you... Read More