3 Ways to Start Your Pet on the Right Paw in 2022!

Every January, pet owners make healthy resolutions, but what about making them for their pets? A pet resolution could include taking more walks, improving behaviors, or prolonging life longevity. Whether you have a cat, dog, bird, or small pet, our veterinarians can help! Read about three ways to improve a pet’s life in 2022 with the help of... Read More

4 Veterinarian’s Do’s and Don’ts for a Holly Jolly Season with Your Pets

Will you spend the holidays traveling or staying at home? Will you be a host or a guest this year? Every pet-parent needs to consider these matters during the holidays and create a holiday plan for their pet’s wellbeing. Follow these four tips to help make the holidays manageable. Store Dangerous Foods Away Previously we... Read More

Valley Animal Hospital Tips: Holiday Foods Your Fur-Baby CAN and CANNOT Eat

Previously, we mentioned three ways to pet-proof your home for the holidays, but what about pet-proofing your dinner table? Valley Animal Hospital knows that when it comes to human food, pets can’t get enough! We want to share a few foods that are safe for your pet to nibble on during the holidays. However, while some... Read More

Celebrate National Pet Wellness Month with Valley Animal Hospital

This October, veterinarians and pet owners are celebrating National Pet Wellness Month nationwide! Valley Animal Hospital wants you to consider scheduling your pet’s annual check-up. Some may think a pet exam is only necessary when a pet is sick, but these exams can help prevent future health issues, especially for aging dogs. Without a proper... Read More