Enrich Your Pet’s Environment With a Guide from Our Veterinarians

When was the last time you gave your pet a new toy or treat? It’s exciting to see your cuddly fur-baby joyfully play or munch on their favorite treat. It’s also very beneficial to your pet’s wellbeing. Our veterinarians want to share a few ways you can enrich your best friend’s life, regardless of whether... Read More

3 Ways to Start Your Pet on the Right Paw in 2022!

Every January, pet owners make healthy resolutions, but what about making them for their pets? A pet resolution could include taking more walks, improving behaviors, or prolonging life longevity. Whether you have a cat, dog, bird, or small pet, our veterinarians can help! Read about three ways to improve a pet’s life in 2022 with the help of... Read More

Valley Animal Hospital Tips: Holiday Foods Your Fur-Baby CAN and CANNOT Eat

Previously, we mentioned three ways to pet-proof your home for the holidays, but what about pet-proofing your dinner table? Valley Animal Hospital knows that when it comes to human food, pets can’t get enough! We want to share a few foods that are safe for your pet to nibble on during the holidays. However, while some... Read More