When was the last time you gave your pet a new toy or treat? It’s exciting to see your cuddly fur-baby joyfully play or munch on their favorite treat. It’s also very beneficial to your pet’s wellbeing. Our veterinarians want to share a few ways you can enrich your best friend’s life, regardless of whether they are as small as a mouse or as big as an English Mastiff!

Enjoy the Sunshine With Your Canine

Dogs can be goofy, shy, or just plain adorable, but their social behaviors and health make them stay young at heart forever! Dogs have a need for exploration and play, and you can further that as they become senior dogs.

Enrich your dog’s life by:

  • Having regular interaction between other humans and dogs.
  • Creating a safe space where your pet can rest uninterrupted.
  • Using food-dispensing toys to provide mental stimulation as they grow.
  • Continuing to take senior dogs on outdoor walks and adjust the time to their needs.
  • Spending time with your pet improves your bond and understanding of each other’s behaviors.

Create a Welcoming Environment for Your Cat

While it’s hilarious to see a cat entertained by a cardboard box, they need just as much care to live fulfilling lives.

Help your cat find their preferences in your home by:

  • Providing cat trees and scratch poles for cats to claim as their own or hide in.
  • Using toys that require cat and owner interaction to help you both build a better bond.
  • Ensuring indoor cats use their hunting instincts with toys that allow them to work for their reward.

Hamster in a coconut at a McAllen Animal Hospital.

Be Attentive to Your Small Pet’s Needs

Small animals also need bonding time with their owners, and just as much maintenance of their cage, despite their size. Make sure to:

  • Store human foods and house decorations away from your pet’s cage.
  • Respect your small pet’s boundaries when it comes to handling them.
  • Ask our vets about which fruits and vegetables are appropriate for your pet to eat.
  • Place your pet’s cage in a comfortable and accessible spot in your home, so your pet has a sanctuary.

Green bird with boy at McAllen pet hospital.

Schedule an Appointment

We love your pets and highly recommend an annual checkup so that your best friend lives a happy life and so we can help prevent potential health issues. Have questions regarding caring for your pet? Call (956) 787-2709 to set up an appointment!

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