At Our Pet Hospital in McAllen, we see:

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Pet Care Services Offered:

  • Routine Healthcare
    Routine Healthcare - Pet Hospital in McAllen
  • Therapeutic Laser Therapy
    We offer therapeutic laser therapy that has been proven to help alleviate pain and inflammation, reduce swelling, and stimulate nerve regeneration and cells involved in tissue repair. Laser therapy is a treatment option for various injuries, post-surgical procedures, as well as, chronic conditions and acute conditions.  To see this therapy in action, click here. Laser Therapy graphics
  • Dentistry
    DentistryOur Pet Hospital in McAllen has always been at the forefront of animal dentistry in the Rio Grande Valley, providing state of the art dentistry services for more than 20 years. We strive to maintain the most technologically advanced dental equipment to care for all your pet’s dental hygiene needs. Some of our state-of-the-art tools include a Dental X-ray Unit, an IM3 Ultrasonic Scaler, and an IM3 Dental Unit. Our doctors also attend dental seminars and regularly consult veterinary dental specialists to ensure your pet is receiving only the best care available. Veterinary Dental Services provided include:
    • Routine Preventive Cleaning, including:
      • Scaling,
      • Subgingival Curettage(cleaning below the gum line)
      • Fluoride Treatment
      • Application of ORAVET Sealant
      • Routine and Advanced Periodontics, including:
        • Gingivectomies
        • Gingival Sculpting
        • Root Planning
        • Deep Pocket Curettage
        • Packing of deep pockets
        • Extractions
        • Laser Oral Surgery
    Dental X-rays of diseased, mobile, or suspicious teeth are also provided to determine the correct course of treatment for your pet. To see the Texas Veterinary Medical Association’s (TVMA) recommendations for dental cleaning, click here.
  • Diagnostics
    • In-house laboratory for blood, serum, and urine analysis
    • Exfoliative Cytology (needle biopsies)
      • In-house
      • Specialist Consultation
    • Electrocardiograms
      • Telemedicine Consultation use when appropriate
    • Intra-ocular Pressure Measurement
    • Indirect Blood Pressure Measurement
    • Radiology
      • Routine Studies
      • Contrast Studies
    • Histopathology and Advanced Forensics Studies (referred to TVMDL)
  • Surgery
  • Boarding & Other Services
    Valley Animal Hospital offers safe and secure on-site boarding with air-conditioned kennels and outdoor exercise areas. All boarders are kept active, safe, and well-fed throughout their stay. Dogs are housed indoors during the day and at night and taken on exercise runs each morning. Our staff members make sure to walk each dog every afternoon after feeding. Lunch time is indoors with Science Diet and Prescription Diet foods. Feline boarders are housed indoors at all times. Your pet can receive a medicated bath during their stay, or be bathed and dipped by our staff Monday through Friday.
  • Cremations
    We can provide cremation services for your pets at our on-site crematorium. Contact our Pet Hospital in McAllen for details.