Did you know there is a whole month dedicated to our fluffy feline friends? You can celebrate your cat’s life with healthy treats, a new toy, or maybe just a little more cuddle time. However you choose to celebrate this month, our veterinarians want to remind you of the essentials.

Your cat needs emotional, nutritional, and health support at every stage of their lives. Here are three things you can do to benefit your cat’s life.

orange cat being cared for by vets in mcallen tx

Get Your Cat an Annual Checkup

It is imperative to take your cat to the vet regularly. Just like any other pet, cat’s are susceptible to different diseases. They need their vaccines as they grow, and check-ups in every stage of their life. After their exam, ask a vet how you can improve their lives.

  • Is my cat at a healthy weight?
  • What should I be feeding my cat?
  • Is my cat missing any important vaccinations?
  • Is there anything I should change about their environment to improve my cat’s well-being?

Improve Your Cat’s Bond

It’s also necessary to build a bond with your cat, not only does this improve their behaviors and your response to them, but your cats also have a sense of boundaries. You can improve your bond by:

  • Groom your pets.
  • Playing with your pet regularly.
  • Attempt to try training new behaviors in them.
  • Observe your cat’s positive and negative behavior.
  • Choose new toys that engage their natural instincts.

Improve your Feline’s Dental Health

February is also National Feline’s Dental Health month. Commit to brushing your cat’s teeth on a regular basis (at least three times a week) and then make it a habit to stick with it. If you’re unsure about what products to use, get a recommendation from a pet doctor!

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