This October, veterinarians and pet owners are celebrating National Pet Wellness Month nationwide! Valley Animal Hospital wants you to consider scheduling your pet’s annual check-up. Some may think a pet exam is only necessary when a pet is sick, but these exams can help prevent future health issues, especially for aging dogs. Without a proper examination, your pet may potentially become too ill to treat in the future. Call (956) 787 – 2709 to schedule your exam today. We also want to share a few other ways you can promote your furry friend’s wellness.

Be Prepared for the Fall Season

Just because fall is here does not mean ticks and other pests go away. They are still a big issue for pets.

Keep your pet tick-free by:

  • Checking their ears, paws, and fur regularly.
  • Eliminating damp areas such as backyard trash and foliage.
  •  Ask our veterinarians about which tick-repellent products are right for your pet.

Learn more about flea prevention!

Practice These Fall-Don’ts

While there are many celebrations towards the end of the year, there are also many fall risks.

Make sure you:

  • Avoid leaving Halloween candy accessible to pets.
  • Ask your vets if your pet needs a better nutritional routine given their age.
  • Avoid leaving fall decorations, such as pumpkins or gourds, within your pet’s reach.
  • Avoid giving your pet human – food such as holiday snacks, bread, grapes, and chocolate!

Prep Your Pet for the New Year

As your pet ages, they will likely need extra health care. Don’t forget to also practice proper dental care:

  • Brush your pet’s teeth with pet-safe toothpaste, ideally, once a day.
  • Ask your veterinarian about safe dental products for your cat and dog.
  • Consider using veterinarian-approved dental treats to reduce plaque and tartar.

Looking for a Pet Hospital in Pharr?

Contact Valley Animal Hospital! We can serve anyone looking for an animal hospital in Pharr! Make sure to ask us how you can improve your dog or cat’s life!

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