We all want the best for our pets, but it can be challenging to know what our felines and canines need? If you have noticed your pet acting differently, it could be for various reasons such as an underlying health issue, not being mentally stimulated, and so on. At Valley Animal Hospital, our pet doctors ensure your pets gets the very best service and care. We want to share three tips to make your pet’s life fully enriched.

Socialize Your Pets

Socialize Your Pets

Socializing your pet is very healthy and beneficial for them. It allows your pets to live and interact with others confidently.

Socializing your pets while they are young can help prevent:

  • Fear of interacting with people and other animals.
  • Them from acting hostile to environmental changes such as bringing a newborn home.
  • From not learning social norms such as their sleeping habits and how to play appropriately with others.

Know Your Pet's Body Behavior

Know Your Pet’s Body Behavior

Knowing how to read your pet’s body language can mean the difference between playtime and an accident waiting to happen. Fortunately, we offer behavioral counseling at our pet hospital in McAllen.

A cat or dog may be stressed in their environment if they:

  • Crouching or lowering their ears.
  • Waiting until there are quiet hours to eat or drink.
  • Unwilling to eat or take a treat during a potentially stressful situation.
  • Creeping around, moving slowly, freezing up, or suddenly running away from a room.

Avoid Unhealthy Treats

Pet treats are a great tool to use at home. They can be used during training and, depending on the type you buy, healthy. Here are some treats you should be cautious about purchasing.

  • Hard treats result in tooth damage or fractures.
  • Pig ears, or animal-product snacks, that have a history of salmonella contamination.
  • Treats with sharp edges such as bone fragments can damage the intestinal tract when swallowed.

Contact our Pet Hospital in McAllen

If you don’t have a regular veterinarian you trust, then you should contact Valley Animal Hospital! Contact our veterinarians online or by phone at (956) 787-2709 with any concerns about your pet. Make sure to also ask us about microchipping services for your pet.

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