Microchipping: What You Should Know About It and Why It’s Beneficial for Your Pet – Part 1

According to the American Humane Association, it’s estimated that around 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen each year in the United States. This means that about one-in-three pets will go missing during their lifetime. Although missing pets can be recovered through a number of means, imagine how many can be reunited with... Read More

Celebrating with Caution: How to Prevent Your Pets from Fearing This Year’s Fourth of July Celebration

It’s that time of year when fireworks are purchased, flags are hoisted and barbecues begin. The Fourth of July is one of the most popular American holidays, so it’s a given that millions across the nation will be celebrating to their heart’s content. Although most will be celebrating outside, it’s important to care for that... Read More

A Few Facts You Should Know About Spaying or Neutering Your Pet Dog

Responsible pet owners understand that spaying or neutering their dogs is important and has many medical and behavioral benefits. This surgical procedure prevents females from becoming pregnant and males from having too much testosterone. On top of that, the procedure can also prevent a few serious illnesses, which we’ll detail below. In America, millions of... Read More

What You Can Do to Help Your Pet Stay Lean and Healthy

We try to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle through exercise and eating better. Our pampered kitties and pups no longer have to hunt for their meals, which means that their calorie requirements are not very high and, as with humans, extra calories equal extra pounds. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP),... Read More

Three Diseases to Look Out for in Your Dogs, Cats and Birds

We do the most we can to love and keep our pets healthy. Buying the right foods, scheduling regular vet visits and, most importantly, giving them as much attention as possible all help to keep them living long and happy. Unfortunately, keeping your pet indoors or safely in cages doesn't always mean that they’ll be... Read More