In our previous piece, we discussed what microchipping was, how it helped owners locate their pets and the many benefits in adopting the product. In this blog, we’d like to go into much more detail regarding the most interesting tidbits of microchipping, specifically the HomeAgain® brand of microchip and how it works to identify you as your pet’s owner. As we’ve mentioned before, losing a pet or dealing with one that’s run away from home can really take an emotional toll on you and your family. After all, your dog or cat is a member of the family as well! Continue on to learn why a microchip is the best option for your pet’s safe return home.

Microchipping may seem like a scary procedure to put your pet through, but it’s very safe and extremely convenient! Contact our vets near McAllen today to learn more!

Your Information is Linked with the Chip

After you decide on microchipping your dog or cat, the chip is immediately linked to your information on a private and secure database that allows your pet to be properly identified. It’s important to remember, however, that should your address, name or other personal piece of information change, the chip should be updated to reflect that.

If your pet happens to get lost or runs away, most vets and animal shelters will use the proper equipment to scan the animal to search for a microchip. If one is detected, your information, including contact options, will pop up, allowing you to be reached to deliver the great news that your loved one has been found! It doesn’t matter if your pet is found 10 miles or 1,000 miles away!

Easy Identification

Within the chip is a unique ID code, almost like a social security number for your pet. If the animal is found and picked up, he/she will be taken to a vet or animal shelter where the chip-scanning process will be performed. The scanner will pick up this unique code and his/her profile, along with your information, will be brought up. With the HomeAgain® microchip, you and your pet’s information will be found on the National Pet Recovery Database, which holds their profile forever!

Secure Protection and Easy Access

Following your pet’s proper identification, a vet or shelter’s staff will immediately attempt to reach you. You may be a bit apprehensive about having your information stored on a database, but as we mentioned earlier and in our previous blog, your pet’s profile is 100% secure and cannot be accessed by outside parties. Another great thing about the HomeAgain® microchips we offer is that you can conveniently log into the company’s website to edit or update your pet’s info and photo!

Plan for the Unexpected

It’s safe to say that when a pet goes missing, his/her loved ones will be taken by surprise. Ensure that such an unexpected incident has a happy ending with a microchip! Contact our pet hospital near McAllen today to learn more about the process!

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