6 Steps for Basic Rabbit Care

Pet rabbits are definitely cute and cuddly and provide great company for any pet-friendly person. They make exceptional house pets when cared for properly. If you’re considering adopting a pet rabbit, make sure to have space for him/her to roam. You’ll want to have access to a veterinarian specializing in rabbit care, too. Remember, rabbits... Read More

Bird Caring Tips for Your New Feathered Friend

lf you’re looking to adopt a bird but have limited space and access to outdoor activity time, a bird may be a great option. Know that every pet has various needs to take into consideration and none should be taken for granted. Being a bird parent can be a highly rewarding experience, so before adopting... Read More

What You Should Know About Hotspots and Your Dog

It’s hot and humid this summer. We’re all prone to more skin ailments and allergies during these weather conditions, and our pets are no exception. One of the most common skin conditions pet owners face in their dogs is hotspots. Take a minute to understand what they are, why they occur and how to go... Read More

How to Shave Your Pet’s Coat for the Summer

You wouldn’t don a fur coat during Summer, would you? So, when you see your pet’s fur coat in its full, thick glory, your first instinct is to shave it all away in hopes of providing them with some cool relief during the summer. Think twice before you take out the grooming tools, though. Your... Read More

Fourth of July Pet Safety

The Fourth of July is a great holiday to enjoy a light show and outdoor time with family and friends. For your pets, it’s a scary ordeal that may leave them terrified and confused. Animal Control Services reports a 30% increase in lost pets during the Independence Day Holiday. In fact, more pets go missing... Read More

Mosquitos on the Rise and What That Means for Your Pets

When it rains, it pours, and Texas found the truth behind that saying in the month of May. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), May was the wettest month on record in a 121-year period. As we enter hurricane season, we can only expect... Read More

Summer Tips to Prevent Heatstroke in Pets

Summer is filled with fun activities for you and your furry friends, but sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad. Just like humans, pets can suffer from overexposure to extreme temperatures. Let’s make this a safe and refreshing summer for our pets. Fight the summer heat by preventing and recognizing dehydration and... Read More

The Threat of Toxic Toads to Your Dog

For pet owners, mosquitos are not the only things to worry about in the aftermath of rain. While toads keep the insect population in our yards low, they can pose a hazardous threat to our dogs. Toads are easy to come by after a rainy day, and their hopping and croaking manner is a major... Read More

Summertime Pet Safety Tips

The summer months are the perfect time to enjoy family and friends. The temperatures are rising, which means taking extra precautions to avoid sunburns and other summertime conditions. As a pet owner, there are plenty of steps that ensure your pet also has a happy and safe summer! Help your pets battle the summer heat... Read More

Does Your Pet Have Allergies?

Though they don’t suffer from respiratory symptoms like most humans do from allergens, our pets do suffer at the hands of irritating allergies. Over half of pet owners are not aware that their pets can spend the spring season battling pollen and other environmental allergens, according to Novartis Animal Health. So, if you’ve noticed your... Read More