The Fourth of July is a great holiday to enjoy a light show and outdoor time with family and friends. For your pets, it’s a scary ordeal that may leave them terrified and confused. Animal Control Services reports a 30% increase in lost pets during the Independence Day Holiday.

In fact, more pets go missing during Fourth of July celebrations than any other time of year. Noisy explosions and bright, flashing lights from fireworks are to blame. This Fourth of July, be prepared by helping your pets feel comfortable and safe so you can enjoy the celebrations.

Find out how to treat your pets if they’ve suffered distress due to fireworks.

4th of July pet safety

Provide Comfort and Safety

Don’t take your pet to a fireworks display. This Independence Day, keep your pets in a quiet and comfortable area indoors. If you can’t keep them company, try leaving a television or radio on at normal volume for a sense of company and normalcy.

For crate-trained pets, a crate may be the best option to make them feel safe. Some pets already have certain areas in a home where they feel secure. Let them nestle up in their favorite spot and ensure they have easy access to water, food and toys for distraction.

Don’t Leave them Outdoors

Fireworks make pets feel uneasy and scared. This is when things go wrong. Even if your pet is outdoors, in a fenced yard or on a chain, fear may prompt them to act out and escape the yard. Leaving a pet outdoors on the Fourth of July is how most get lost, injured and worse. Make sure to place them in a well-ventilated and secure area away from noise and excess activity.

Take Preemptive Measures

30-60% of pets are euthanized because they can’t be identified and returned to their owners. If your pet is lost, increase the odds of them finding their way home with a microchip.

There are various programs and services available to help your pet find his/her way home. Make sure you’re aware of them, or contact our veterinarians to find out about microchip programs.

Valley Animal Hospital cares about its patients and their safety during major holidays like the Fourth of July. We offer a microchip program through Home Again that can protect your pet in case of an emergency.

Fourth of July Barbecues

A lot of the foods and drinks we use during barbecues can cause digestive problems in your pets. Make sure your guests know what your pet can and cannot consume during daytime activities. If your pet eats something that was out of your control, watch out for the following signs: vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite and lethargy. If these symptoms continue or worsen, visit us.



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