Are your kids ready to go back to school? If so, our vets want to help you prepare your furry family members as well. Dogs have had a lot of social time with their owners since the pandemic began. Now that children are going back to school and more adults are returning to work, your dog is in for a shock.

Unfortunately, this change in their schedule can lead to misbehavior in ways you weren’t expecting. We want to share three ways to calm your pet down to avoid chewed-up furniture, in-door bathroom accidents, or stress-induced bites.

Training your dog is an essential step to avoiding unwanted accidents during the day. Training also helps your dog know it’s boundaries in the home.

Reinforce Training

Training your dog is an essential step in avoiding unwanted accidents during the day. It can also help your dog know his/her boundaries at home.

While training, try to:

  • Focus on teaching positive behaviors.
  • Keep the sessions short.
  • Stay positive so your dog enjoys learning new commands.
  • Get the entire family involved.

Also, consider microchipping to identify your dog if he/she is picked up after getting lost.

Challenge Your Dog’s Mind with • New environments such as car rides or walking with you as you do errands.

Challenge Your Dog’s Mind

With everyone out of the house, pets get bored and lazy, which is bad for their health (and your favorite pair of shoes).

Keep them occupied with:

  • Daily playtime sessions.
  • Interactive toys and treats.
  • New environments.

Socialize Your Dog

Socializing your dog reduces their stress by letting them interact with other humans and dogs instead of staying home alone. If you can, take your dog to a dog park or a doggy daycare. Before you do, consider vaccinating your pet so they don’t pick up parasites or diseases.

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