There’s nothing quite like the companionship that only a furry pet can provide. In many cases, cats and dogs fulfill that role flawlessly, but rabbits can also be some of the most amazing pets! They’re adorable, cuddly and can provide loving company to anyone looking for a great pet. In fact, rabbits can make exceptional house pets when they’re properly cared for.

If you’re considering getting your own bunny, you’ll want to prepare by giving it plenty of room and care. If you’re ready to bring a rabbit into your own home, you’ll want to read the important information that the experts from Valley Animal Hospital have prepared for you.

We want your rabbit to provide you with company for years to come! Let us help you achieve that with the quality care that our McAllen veterinarians can provide.

Prep Your Home

Much like any other creature, your rabbit will need plenty of room to roam around and be free. To give them that, you’ll have to provide an environment that’s safe for him and the rest of your family. To do so, you can simply elevate any objects and personal items. You can additionally bunny-proof any cables or wires that could potentially be harmful with plastic sleeves or tubing.

Home Inside a Home

Perhaps you haven’t yet decided if you’ll keep your rabbit in a specific area of the house or allow him to roam freely. Whatever the case, you must familiarize yourself with their needs. When you’re out of the house, you’ll likely want to keep him in an enclosed area. To do so, you can use a puppy pen, bunny condo or even a large cage; as long as it’s big enough for him to hop around freely. It’s also important to remember that your bunny’s primary living area should not be isolated from your family’s primary living location.

Food is a Must

Your bunny should have access to hay – part of a rabbit’s basic healthy diet – at all times in a dry, clean and easily-accessible feeder. If your bunny is barely a baby, he will likely need alfalfa while an older bunny will want timothy hay, grass hay or oat hay. You can also supplement your rabbit’s diet with fresh vegetables, fiber-rich pallets and plenty of water.

Provide a Litter Box

Not many people know this but rabbits tend to relieve themselves as they eat their hay. Unfortunately, they often do this in the same spot, which makes the need for a little box a great one. By placing a litter box filled with a thin layer of safe, recycled newspaper near your bunny’s feeding bowl, you’ll be building good feeding habits for him.

A Bunny Workout

Boredom usually means unhappiness, especially for bunnies. Your rabbit will need heaps of playtime filled with physical activity and mental stimulation. A cardboard castle and a wide variety of toys can get the job done and keep your bunny entertained for hours. If they’ve spent most of the day in their pen, it’s possible they’ll want a long period of play.

Grooming Needs

Fortunately, like a majority of small pets, bunnies don’t require much grooming. These little guys tend to wash themselves regularly. However, they do have shedding cycles a couple of times every year. By regularly brushing their coat, you’ll be able to remove excess fur. It’s also a good idea to clip their nails so they won’t get caught anywhere around the house.

We’re Here to Help

At Valley Animal Hospital of McAllen, we know that you want to keep your pet around for as long as possible and we want to help you do exactly that! Our veterinarians understand how much your furry friends mean to you, which is why we’re always ready and determined to provide your pets with the expert care they need. From vaccinations to x-rays, know that our staff is ready to give you a helping hand. For more information, contact us in McAllen today.

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  1. I really like the suggestion to make sure you give them a place to workout. If you’re going to keep an animal in a cage for a long time, I’d think that you’d want to make sure they had time outside the box that was similar to the time in the box. Maybe that’s just me though. Thanks for sharing.

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