They’re there when you’re feeling down and when you’re feeling great. If you happen to stay in on the weekend, your best friend will be there to keep you company, ready to play or just lay about on a lazy Sunday. If the day calls for time in the park or at the beach, they’ll be more than ready to join you. Yes, we’re talking about dogs!

They’re one of the greatest friends to have in life, and now there is a special time of year dedicated to all of the joy they bring. National Dog Week is recognized at the end of each September, and this year, you and Fido can spend the entire time doing what makes you both happy: being together! Below, we’ll go over a few things you and your best bud can do throughout the week.

We love dogs just as much as you do. For all of your pet’s needs, contact our vets in McAllen today!

Go for a Walk in New Areas

If this is one thing you and your furry pal often do, then make the walks you take during this special week unique. Explore areas you two have never visited before, like parks across town or the beach if you live relatively close to the shore. A dog’s curiosity is almost never satisfied, which means that taking him or her to an area they’ve never been to before will only make the experience that much more exciting.

Let Everyone See Your Pet

If you’re the type of person who is open about your loving bond with your dog, then the last week of September is the best time to really take advantage of it! When spending time with your pet outdoors or while on a walk, snap a few photos and share them with friends and family. Unique holidays or days of recognition, especially those concerning animals, trend quickly on Facebook and Instagram. Share your furry friend’s photos with the world!

Give Him or Her the Spa Treatment

All dogs love spending time outdoors, which means they tend to get a bit dirty in little to no time. If your pooch loves rolling around on the ground or playing with his/her favorite chew toy in the backyard, then you’ll probably notice they’ll need a bath. If so, then it’s important to know that bathing and grooming your pet is a strong sign of affection. Purchase flea and tick shampoos to help your pet stay pest-free. If their claws are a little too long, have them clipped so your dog won’t have to worry about any uncomfortable or painful scratching.

Make Sure He or She is Vaccinated

If there’s one thing that all dog owners should do, it’s making sure their best friend is up-to-date on his/her vaccinations. Rabies, parvovirus or hepatitis vaccinations are important and ensure that your pet is healthy and safe. Our vets in McAllen can help to make sure your dog is vaccinated and well-taken care of. Make National Dog Week a period where you’ll do whatever necessary to make sure your best bud has a clean bill of health.

Provide a Home for a New Dog!

If you aren’t a dog owner but have always wanted one, now would be the best time to go about getting one! There are countless beautiful, loving and friendly dogs out there that are waiting to be adopted. Take a trip to your nearest adoption center to see if there are any four-legged pups that will make your heart melt. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Dog Week!

Here for You and Your Pet

There’s no better way to care for your pet than making sure he/she is healthy and happy. Visit our pet hospital in McAllen today to catch up on vaccinations or check-ups to ensure that your four-legged friend will be with you for a long time!

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