It’s time for a visit to Valley Animal Hospital and Fluffy is nowhere to be found! This isn’t the first time this has happened. You’ve realized that he dreads his visits to the vet. Why is he so anxious about going? Imagine it from his point of view. Your dog or cat is entering a foreign environment filled with other equally anxious animals and he’s about to be touched in funny places by complete strangers. The experience can be a stressful one for both pets and pet owners, but there are a few ways to make sure your visit is a happy and pleasant one.

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Schedule Surprise Visits

Drop in randomly to your vet’s office for a weigh-in and have it meet Valley Animal Hospital staff. Random visits to the vet, when your pet is not sick, keep you updated on your pet’s health and help it become more familiar with the experience. A stressful pet is not an easy one to examine, and once it gets comfortable with the environment and knows it’s a non-threatening one, it will make examinations easier for the Valley Animal Hospital staff as well.

Take the Tastiest Treats

A visit to Valley Animal Hospital is a special outing and you’ll want to pack the tastiest treats. You’ll also want to make sure he’s hungry. Give your pet a small breakfast and the rewards for its good behavior will be even more satisfying. You’ll want to keep their tails wagging with positive reinforcements the entire visit, so be liberal with your treats and praise him/her for good behavior.

Practice at Home

A vet visit can be stressful to animals, especially when they are poked and prodded in places they aren’t normally touched. Try to get your pet accustomed to being examined by practicing at home. Look into your pet’s ears or lift their lips and examine their teeth. Feel their chest and bellies with both hands. Veterinarians often examine pets while they are stressed and uncooperative, which can sometimes result in incorrect heart rates and bad blood samples.

Here to help

Pets are always wary of the unfamiliar, so it’s important to get yours accustomed to Valley Animal Hospital with frequent visits. The hospital offers behavioral counseling for dogs and cats of all ages. The Valley Animal Hospital team wants to ensure your pet’s experience is a happy and pleasant one, so stop by anytime to say hello.

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