Follow these tips to keep your pets warm and healthy during the fall and winter seasons.

Your family pet may be covered in fur from nose to tail, but that doesn’t mean they are entirely protected against the cold winds and chills of the fall and winter seasons. Some larger dogs are bred to withstand below-freezing temperatures, but even they need protection at times. For small breeds, shorthaired breeds, and especially cats, follow these tips to keep your furry friend warm and safe.

Indoors is Best

When the temperatures drop, winds pick up and rain starts pouring, the outdoors can be uncomfortable. Your pets feel the same way. During severe weather conditions, cats and dogs are simply safer indoors with you. If you have to let them out to do their business or take them for exercise, smaller breeds, and even young and old pets, may feel more comfortable wearing a sweater.

Outdoor Protection

When it comes down to it, your furry friends are happier and healthier indoors where they can seek the attention and sense of belonging they need, as opposed to being kept in isolation outdoors. For pets that are kept outside for the majority of the day, make sure to provide appropriate protection.

Start with a good shelter. You’ll want to provide a dry area that is spacious enough for your pet to lounge in while retaining sufficient body heat with warm bedding. Make sure the shelter is lifted, facing away from the wind and can withstand cold drafts. If rain kicks in, use a plastic cover and sandbags to protect the shelter from water damage.

Keep Them Hydrated

No matter the time of year, your pets should have easy access to a water source. Outdoor pets require a higher nutrient intake to generate enough body heat and energy to keep warm. Make sure their water bowl is always clean, unfrozen and preferably in a plastic dish. Metal dishes can frost up and an unsuspecting pet might catch their tongue on it.

Schedule an Appointment

Despite the effort we make to take care of our furry friends and ourselves, we still manage to become ill with a cold or flu. Unsurprisingly, even cats and dogs come down with common fall and winter illnesses.

Bring your cat, dog, parrot, rabbit or other pet by for a routine checkup this season. Our doctors are experienced and equipped to offer a variety of pet-related medical services. Call us at 956-878-2709 to schedule an appointment.



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