Your pet may love the summertime, but then the bouts of itching starts. For pets, the warm summer months bring on a wave of outdoor fun – and a relentless swarm of fleas and ticks. As a caring and smart pet-owner, it’s your responsibility to protect your pet from those pesky parasites. Check out the following tips on how to keep your pet safe and itch-free this summer.

Flea and Tick Preventative Measures

In addition to a preventative treatment, you can take the following indoor and outdoor precautions to minimize flea and tick infestations for your pet.

pet playing outside

Yard Maintenance

If you live in a region of high humidity or warm climate, make sure your front and backyard area are mown properly and scattered leaves are left to a minimum. Fleas and ticks will take refuge in thick, grassy areas, and that’s the first place your pet will likely run into during his or her outdoor adventures.

Fresh Laundry

Your pet’s bedding and toys can accumulate all sorts of nasty bacteria and pests over time. They could carry in new bugs, eggs, larvae or pupae every time they go out to do their business. Wash your pet’s blankets, beds and other washable items to prevent an infestation.

Vacuum Carpeted Areas

Keep all carpeted areas in your home and car vacuumed, especially if your pet tends to hang out in a specific area. Flea and tick eggs often fall into the ruffles of carpet or tend to stick to similar materials. You’ll significantly decrease the chances of spreading those eggs with a bit of indoor upkeep.

Consult Our Veterinarian

One of the best things you can do for your pet, especially during the spring and summer months, is to start them on a flea and tick treatment. You can take several preventative methods to decrease the population of fleas and ticks around your house, but your pet may still be exposed.

Flea and tick treatments can protect your cat or dog from unexpected sources. Certain products kill adult fleas, eggs and larvae, targeting all stages of the parasite’s life. Consult with our veterinarian to find the best preventative product for your pet. At Valley Animal Hospital, we offer effective flea and tick treatments suitable for cats and dogs. Call us at 956.787.2709 to schedule an appointment.



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