The fall season is in full swing and now you and your pets can enjoy the delights of falling leaves and cooler days. However, autumn also marks the beginning of the dreaded fall allergy season, which could cause trouble for you and your four-legged friends.

This time of year is notorious for its dry and windy conditions along with troublesome pollen that can cause itchiness for your cats and dogs. How can you prevent this from happening? The pet care professionals from Valley Animal Hospital have all the information you need.

Fall and winter can be tricky to deal with for your furry friends, but Valley Animal Hospital is here to keep them as healthy as can be.

Cleanliness Before Itchiness

The best way to fight allergy-induced itchiness is to bathe your dog with a great shampoo and clean your cat with pet wipes. Chances are you know how challenging (and often painful) bathing your cat can be, but regularly wiping them down with pet wipes can help your allergic cat avoid elongated contact with pollens.

Dogs are an entirely different story. You see, some dogs will need to bathe once a week or even more frequently which makes the type of shampoo you use very important. If your dog’s coat appears to be normal but is still scratching up a storm, a mild soap-free shampoo will do the trick. This type of shampoo will not strip away essential skin oils, but instead will clean the coat and skin. Keep in mind that if your dog’s skin seems irritated or inflamed, you may be required to use prescription shampoo.

Your dog’s shampoo should always be followed by an aloe vera or oatmeal-based conditioner that helps keep moisture on the skin while decreasing itchiness. It’s important to understand that if your pooch has “doggy odor,” he/she may have a secondary skin infection that requires proper treatment.

Looking Out for Your Furry Friends

The cool fall and winter months can be perfect to cuddle with your feline friend or go off on an adventure with your pooch, but allergies shouldn’t go ignored. Your pet’s friendship matters and we want them to stay as healthy as possible, just as much as you do. If your cat, dog, bird or anything in between is in need of pet care, don’t hesitate to contact Valley Animal Hospital for more information.

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