The summer months are the perfect time to enjoy family and friends. The temperatures are rising, which means taking extra precautions to avoid sunburns and other summertime conditions. As a pet owner, there are plenty of steps that ensure your pet also has a happy and safe summer! Help your pets battle the summer heat with the following tips.

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Climate Control

Though pets don’t have the ability to sweat like we do, their bodies still expel heat. Cats and dogs rid body heat mainly through the respiratory tract. As a result, they can’t easily adapt to hot or humid climates. Leaving your pet exposed to summertime heat can increase the risk of heat stroke and hyperthermia.

If your pet’s body temperature elevates to an unsafe level, the side effects could be serious. Old, juvenile, sick and overweight pets are at an increased risk of suffering extreme heat conditions. If the weather is too warm, make sure to provide air conditioning or proper ventilation for your pet’s daily environment. If outdoors, do your best to keep them in shaded areas.

A Healthy Coat Means a Happy Pet

Our skin changes with the seasons, so why not your pet’s coat? Proper coat care goes a long way in helping maintain your pet’s body temperature by allowing for air circulation and heat transfer.

Grooming is still not enough to protect your pets from the sun’s unforgiving UV rays. Sunny months bring on the risk of sunburn, particularly in pets with pink or light skin and thin coats. Find a suitable sunscreen for your pet if you expect them to be outdoors for several hours.

If your pet suffers from seasonal allergies and skin problems, make sure to speak with our vets about the best care options for the summer.

Schedule Play Time

During summer months, never take your pet for a run or exercise when it is excessively hot or humid. The best times for playtime and other activities is when sun is at its lowest (usually dusk). Physical activity in high temperatures may lead to heatstroke and hyperthermia in pets if you’re not careful. Always avoid areas with high mosquito and insect populations and be sure to provide plenty of water and shade.

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