The friendship you have with your pooch, kitty or other adorable pet should last a lifetime. However, sometimes our four-legged friends can get themselves lost, leaving you stressed and worried for their safety. With “lost dog” signs becoming a thing of the past, your best option at finding your lost pet and keeping him/her safe is a microchip. You may be unfamiliar with these microscopic locating tools, but Valley Animal Hospital has the information you need.

If you fear your pet could get lost at any given time, a microchip can help put those worries to rest. Give us a call for more information today.

Lost and Found

About 10 million pets are lost every year and, unfortunately, 90% of those without an ID never make it back home. A microchip, which is about the same size as a grain of rice, can be placed under your pet’s skin to help provide a permanent and unique ID.

While these chips are not GPS-based, they can provide the person who finds your pet with identification and owner information that can be scanned at an animal clinic or shelter. Some of the most important benefits of microchipping include:

  • Animals of all types can be chipped
  • There is no anesthesia required in the procedure
  • Your pet will not be aware of the implant once it’s been placed
  • The chip is designed to stay in place, unlike collars and tags that can fall off
  • The chip can be scanned at any animal hospital or clinic

Count on Us!

Losing your best friend can be one of the scariest moments imaginable, but there are measures you can take to keep your pet as safe and healthy as possible. If you’re ready to chip your dog, cat or anything in between, Valley Animal Hospital is here to help. Give us a call or visit us in McAllen for more information today.

4 Responses to “The Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet”

  1. Kylie Dotts

    It’s crazy that over 10 million pets are lost over a year and that almost 90% never make it home. We just bought a little puppy not too long ago and it would be devastating for us to lose him. Getting him microchipped at an animal hospital or something like that seems like a good way to keep an eye on him no matter where it is that he could go.

  2. Ashley Turns

    My husband and I have been considering getting a microchip for our new pet. So I appreciate you letting us know that 90% of pets without an ID never find their way back home. Since I definitely don’t want to lose the puppy that we just bought and already love, I will definitely start looking for a great place to get her microchipped at.

  3. Oscar O'Malley

    I like that you mentioned that the chip can be scanned at any animal hospital. I just got my wife a puppy last weekend, and we’re going to get him microchipped. It’s great to know that his chip can be scanned anywhere, because we aren’t planning on staying in our current city for much longer!

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