You’ll find that bringing a pet into your life has many benefits.  If you’re considering adopting one, keep in mind that caring for your little furry friend requires responsibility, dedication and patience on your part. Each type and breed is unique in areas like feeding, behavior, cost, housing, needs and care. It’s best to learn the various necessities of different types of pets in order to properly face potential future challenges. Keeping their needs in mind will help you develop a healthy and happy relationship.

If you are ready to adopt, take the following factors into consideration to find a pet that matches your personality and lifestyle.

Living Situation

The amount of available space in your home and the type of domestic environment you provide are major factors when it comes to adoption. Whether you have a home or an apartment, ensure that you, your family and your pet will be comfortable. Generally, small breeds are more suitable for an apartment while larger ones do well in houses. Consider the following when finding the right breed for your home:

  • Amount of fur shedding
  • Litter box maintenance
  • Occasional wear-and-tear of furniture
  • Sufficient indoor/outdoor area space
  • Fenced yard for safety

A New Responsibility

Most people become so caught up in the joys of adopting a furry friend that they neglect potential future expenses. Just like humans, pets require occasional medical check-ups or treatment when they fall ill. They’re subject to many of the same diseases and illnesses that humans suffer from, like diabetes, cancer and even colds. Consider whether you have the resources to support your pet’s health.

Pet grooming is also a factor to consider. Depending on the breed, you may have a bigger bundle of fur to deal with, literally. Longhaired and shaggy pets require more than the usual nail trimming and bath. Some pets are relatively low maintenance and only require routine grooming at home.


Pets require attention and exercise, some more than others. Willingness to dedicate time to your pet is usually a deciding factor in adoption. Consider your availability to provide the emotional attention and exercise a pet needs. Are you at work all day and are tired when you get home? Do you enjoy going out for a daily run? Ensure that your pet will be happy as a member of your family.


Are you a cat or dog person? Do you prefer large or small breeds? Do you like lap dogs or active ones? Do you mind shedding? These are questions you should ask yourself to help narrow your options. If you and your pet are on the same page, you’ll surely make each other happy.

Keep In mind: Preference takes into account all previous points and ultimately helps you decide which type of pet you are willing and ready to care for. Taking your living situation into account is crucial.

Is your area generally cold or warm? Siberian Huskies and Chow Chows thrive in cold weather while Italian Greyhounds and Border Collies enjoy warm climates. For the most part, cats enjoy warm weather.

Is there enough area for an active dog or cat to run around? Some pets are more docile than others. Great Danes and Bichon Frises are relatively low maintenance while pets like Jack Russell Terriers and Weimaraners are highly energetic.

Are you looking for a calm family pet or a loud one to be your pal? Siamese cats are vocal while Russian Blue cats are pretty calm and friendly. For dogs, Labrador Retrievers are kind, calm and very protective. Chihuahuas can be loud, but are also very protective and loyal to their families.

Pure or mix; young or old? Every pet deserves a family. You never know who will nestle their way into your heart and your home. When you adopt a pet, make sure to learn as much about them before making a full commitment.

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