Why is My Dog Barking so Much?

First and foremost, barking is one of the many natural ways dogs communicate. But sometimes it can be excessive, leaving you wondering what the problem might be. You feel like you’ve done everything for your furry loved one, but perhaps it’s time to recognize one of the potential reasons your dog is barking so much.

If you feel like your pet has a problem that needs to be checked out by our veterinarians, schedule an appointment to get your furry family member feeling as good as they did the first time you brought them home.

Problem: Territorial

This natural reaction occurs when your dog sees or senses another animal or human entering what they consider to be their territory. Generally, as the ‘intruder’ gets closer, your dog will bark louder and louder.


Stay calm as doing so will show your dog control. Show your pet with a look, sound or physical correction that what they’re sensing isn’t dangerous (that’s if you personally know the person they’re barking at). Also, always keep your eye on them. Their body language may show they’re relaxed, but their mind might not be. Remain firm until you feel that your dog has submitted and obeyed to your commands.

If barking persists, address the person getting into their space that your pet doesn’t feel safe in their presence. For an animal, shush them away and do your best to prevent them from returning.

Problem: Attention Seeking/Loneliness

Dogs will bark when they want something, including attention. When left alone for long periods, dogs can bark just because they’re unhappy. Other times, barking could arise when they’re hungry or need to do their duty outside if they’re indoor pets. Dogs can exhibit signs of depression, and damaging behaviors can happen as well, such as destroying household items or eating inedible objects.


Once again, stay calm. Excessive barking may be due to pent up energy. Does your furry friend get a walk every day? Just like humans, he/she needs his or her daily exercise. Neglecting this can result in bad health, so do both of yourselves a favor and go for a walk each day for about 30 minutes. The fresh air could do both of you some good. Or maybe the daily walks aren’t challenging enough. Take your dog to a trail where there are a lot of curves and hills so they can get out of the monotony of a simple walk.

Problem: Barking Continues

Will your dog not stop barking? You have tried staying calm and composed but nothing has changed. Have you fed or walked the dog but their behavior continues, leaving you unsure of what to do?


When you brought this dog into your life, you made a commitment to take care of him/her. As always, stay calm. Raising your voice at your furry companion can make them think you’re joining them instead of trying to calm them down. If taking them for a walk or feeding them still hasn’t worked, call Valley Animal Hospital at 956.787.2709.

Getting your dog professional help may be just what they need. Our McAllen veterinarians have treated furry loved ones since 1946 and know how to take care of them as if they were one of their own.


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