Did you struggle to keep your pet calm during Hurricane Hanna? Rain, thunderstorms, and even hurricanes are quite common during the summer and can cause dogs to cozy up to their owners. However, for some dogs, a storm can be a rough experience. Storms can induce anxiety and cause your dog to bark or whine excessively, hide and tremble, or injure you or himself/herself. There are ways to alleviate this. Read on to make your home a more soothing environment and learn how our vets can help!

Talk to Our Vets

If your dog is deathly afraid of thunder, he/she could possibly have a phobia. Some owners may believe that this can’t be helped. However, not addressing the problem can cause poor behaviors in your dog, such as accidentally harming himself/herself or those around him/her. One thing you can do is reach out to our vets for help at (956) 787-2709

Create a Comfortable Environment

In some cases, when a dog can’t find a “safe space” to wait out a storm, he/she may attempt to escape your home or backyard. If you think your dog has a thunder phobia, then it’s important to create a safe space by:

  • Allowing him/her to have access to smaller rooms in the house like a closet, the basement, or the bathroom.
  • Purchasing or building a shelter, such as an indoor or outdoor shed, for your dog to relax in.

Distract Your Pet During a Storm

While some dogs are very calm during a storm, others prove to be more sensitive. Don’t ignore your dog’s fears. Instead, consider distracting them and providing a comfortable environment to help him/her relax.

You can do this by:

  • Using their favorite toy to distract him/her.
  • Turning on the TV or radio if possible. Avoid raising the volume to be too loud. 
  • Using soothing sounds like your reassuring voice as they snuggle up to you.

Contact Us Today!

Have a question about your pet’s odd behavior? Contact our vets before trying any solution on your own. Depending on your situation, your pet may need to be looked at.

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