February is National Cat Health Month all month long! There are many ways you can celebrate your pet’s bond, regardless if you adopted a kitten recently, or have an older furbaby. Showing your cat love is more than giving them regular check-ups, staying up to date on vaccines. It includes proactive care at home. Read how you can improve your feline’s health and wealth with these 10 steps below! Scroll down to learn how you can help keep your kitty in purr-fect health.

Provide Basic Training

You could have the best cat in the world, but if that cat is not trained correctly, you will have problems. Cats are trainable and have the instincts to listen and perform basic commands like sit, stay, and come when called. When people tell me their cats won’t do anything, try using treats or a clicker. Training is a great way to bond with your fur baby.

Follow the Feeding Guidelines

Cats, like humans, need to eat an appropriate amount and a certain type of food to maintain a healthy weight. Regarding portion control, most cats will eat as much food as you put in front of them. We recommend following the recommendations on the back of your feed bags based on their age and weight.

Implement Outdoor Playtime

Cats love to roam, and spending time outdoors can help your cat alleviate their curiosity. When kept indoors and stagnant, cats may get bored, gain weight, and may express different behavior issues. Consider using interactive games that boost: 

  • Physical exercise
  • Mental stimulation
  • Reduce bad habits such as inappropriate urination or constant meowing.

For Your Indoor Cats, You Can:

Create a more enriching, stimulating, and enjoyable environment around your cat has, the more likely they are to relax, and not cause havoc. You can keep your cat engaged daily by creating a safe space for them specifically.

Build a Bond

Cats usually vocalize by making tiny noises or by exposing the tips of their tails. These sounds and motions can be quite subtle, but can tell you a lot. For example, a high tail, that resembles a question mark can show you cat is more approachable and confident. A low tail can show they are not in the mood to engage.

Please don’t ignore your cat’s vocal or non-vocal language; they are always trying to tell you something! You can always ask our veterinarians if you are confused about the “tail-tell” signs.

Give Your Cat the Attention they Deserve

Your cat might not be the most affectionate creature on the planet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your relationship. Give your interactive cat toys, or give him a high-quality treat to show how much you care. You’ll soon be able to pet and snuggle with your feline friend when you both agree to the same routines. Did somebody say cat-nap?

Implement Regular Grooming

While cats spend half their waking hours self-grooming, a few overdo it and need help staying spiffy. A comb/brush feels good, like an all-over massage, and prevent fur from matting. Grooming also helps reduce fur balls, and serves as a bonding session between you and your cat.

Key Takeaways:

  • Improve your cat’s well-being with annual check-ups. 

  • There are many ways to keep your cat engaged and sustain their curiosity and primal tendencies safely.

  • A few nurturing way to boost your cat’s wellness is with bonding building, pet and grooms, and appropriate feedings.

Schedule an Annual Exam & Participate in National Cat Health Month

Cat health month is a time to remind you of the importance of regular wellness exams for your kitty. With regular checkups, you can ensure your cat remains healthy and can help discover wellness issues early on. 

Schedule your next appointment with medical experts you can trust. Call today.

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