It’s a new year again! Time seems to fly by so quickly these days, and if you have a furry or feathery loved one, the fun you both have in each other’s company can make time pass even faster! Now, if you’re an experienced pet owner, then you’re well aware of how important it is to keep them healthy by feeding them right, helping them exercise and having a vet examine them. If you’ve recently acquired a four-legged or winged addition to your family, then it’s time to go over why he/she should be examined by a pet doctor!

Our vets have many years of experience in treating animals of all types and sizes. In 2018, resolve to have yours examined for the sake of their health!

They Need Periodic Medical Attention

Although dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, birds, rabbits, etc. are very different from humans, they do share one similarity with their owners: they need period medical attention. They get sick, accidentally hurt themselves and come down with other ailments just like we do. And what do we do when we aren’t feeling well? We go to the doctor!

Even if we’re feeling great, we still make it point to visit our doctors to make sure everything is fine. The same should go for your pet. Remember, he/she can’t tell you if they’re feeling sick or have suffered some sort of unseen injury, so a periodic visit to a vet can help.

Symptoms Aren’t Always Visible

Like we mentioned before, when an animal comes down with an illness, symptoms may not always be present. If they are, they may be hard to spot or can even be mistaken for typical animal behavior.

For example, when cats fall ill, they sometimes find hiding places to be alone. Cats have a tendency to find quiet and hidden places to nap, so if they’re sick and want to be alone, an owner may just brush this off as typical cat behavior. Other times, they might eat less or stop eating all together.

If you spot any of these behaviors in any of your new pets, a trip to the vet is necessary. Even if you simply feel as if something isn’t right with your furry loved one despite them acting normal, don’t hesitate to bring them down to us for a visit.

Older Pets May Need More Care

If you’ve adopted an older pet, you might notice them needing more special care. For the new year, make it a resolution to keep a closer eye on your loved one if they’re old. Typical complications like arthritis, vision and hearing loss, lethargy, loss of appetite and trouble with controlling their bladder and bowels are common symptoms of aging pets. Although it can be heartbreaking to know that your dog, cat, bunny or other pet is getting old, know that there are ways to help make their later years comfortable and healthy. All they need is an examination from our vets!

A Trip to the Vet is a Learning Experience

Remember that visiting a vet can always result in learning something new in caring for your pet. If your dog has come down with a belly ache due to a certain brand of food that doesn’t sit well with him, then our vets will make a few suggestions of which brands he might enjoy. If your cat is suffering from watery eyes or a runny nose, then maybe that catnip you purchased should be kept away. Either way, our vets well do their best to educate you in better ways to care for your furry loved one.

Loving Your Pets as Much as You Do

At Valley Animal Hospital, we love animals of different types. In 2018, we hope you’ll do the right thing and resolve to make vet visits a top priority. Our pet hospital is conveniently located in Pharr near larger cities like McAllen. We hope to see you and your furry loved one soon!

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