If you’re planning on being one of the millions of Americans to host a holiday party this year, then you’ll probably be deciding on who to invite, what to serve and how to accommodate for family members who’ll be staying over. However, if you’re a pet owner, then it’s very important to plan for his or her safety and well-being during this celebratory period as well. Let’s go over a few things you can do to make your furry loved one’s experience a great one.

A pet’s well-being is one of the most important things an owner should consider. Valley Animal Hospital in Pharr can provide the care your pet needs to be happy and healthy!

Indoor Safety

There are several things you can do around the house to make sure that your pet stays safe and/or doesn’t disrupt the festivities.

A Safe Tree

If you plan to erect a Christmas tree this year, then it’s important to have it properly secured with a stand. Pets can be very curious, and when something foreign is introduced into their environment, they tend to want to become familiar with it. Smaller pets, like cats, love to climb on foreign objects, and a Christmas tree will certainly pique their interest. Be sure to brace the tree down to prevent it from falling over and causing damage or injury to them. You may need to completely block your pet’s access to decorated areas as well.


In order to set the proper holiday ambience, many households opt for lit candles. Take extra care if you plan to do this since pets may potentially knock these holiday objects over. This can cause fires and may even injure your furry loved one. Secure candles carefully and be sure to put them out if no one is present.


If you enjoy decorating the indoors just as much as the outdoors, then you’ll probably deck your home in lights and other ornaments. If so, be sure the wiring is fine without any exposures. Also, keep an eye on what your pets do around wired lights if they enjoy clawing and chewing certain objects. If your pet tends to do this with toys, it may be wise to avoid indoor decorative lighting.

A Holiday Meal

Holiday parties aren’t complete without a large amount of food and sweets for everyone to enjoy! However, there are some foods that should never be consumed by your pet. Let’s go into detail about these.

Clear the Leftovers

It’s a given that your holiday party will have a lot of foods, sweets and treats. Everything from turkey to ham and cookies are sure to be around the kitchen and dining area. Know that there are certain foods a pet should never consume. Many foods contain fats, spices, and bones that can cause them to become ill. Avoid feeding these to your dog or cat and also avoid leaving these types of foods within their reach.


Beer, eggnog, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks should also be cleared away from a pet’s reach. If your pet accidentally consumes this type of beverage, seek out veterinary help immediately.


One of the most popular sweets of the holiday season is chocolate. This can be delicious for people, but for a pet like a dog, it can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

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