When looking into getting a new pet, many people may decide on buying a puppy, kitten or some other young animal. Getting to witness a puppy or kitten’s first stages of life can be a wonderful experience, however, some fail to realize that older dogs and cats can also make great companions. With November officially kicking off “Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month”, we’d like to encourage current and future animal owners to consider adopting a senior pet.

Senior pets can be cats or dogs over seven years old. However, size also comes into play when determining if a pet is a senior; smaller dogs usually become senior pets later than larger dogs. Some pets may even be categorized as seniors as early as five years old. If people were to give senior pets a chance, they’d find out just how loving and attentive these animals can be.

Our McAllen pet doctors at Valley Animal Hospital can provide routine health care for your senior pet. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Reasons They’re Left Behind

There are different reasons why a senior animal may be left behind at an animal shelter. Some pet owners who may have fallen ill may no longer be capable of caring for their animals and have to give them up to a shelter. Other owners may choose not to have animals in their home when they are getting ready to welcome a new baby into the family and some may simply not be willing to keep a pet that will sooner or later require more medical attention and ultimately lead a slower pace of life. However, this doesn’t mean that older animals can’t be great pets.


With so many animals out there waiting to be adopted, older pets can prove themselves to be true gems if given the chance. Here are five reasons we believe you’ll love having a senior pet:

  1. They are house-ready – Older pets have already become accustomed to living in homes with people. Many may be trained to have manners and can learn the rules of your home in just a few hours or days. They also won’t be tempted to destroy anything in your home! A lot of them are already potty-trained and can respond to basic commands like “sit” and “stay.”
  2. They have developed personalities – Before you adopt a senior pet, the shelter staff can tell you about their behaviors, habits and personality, and these are pretty much already set in stone. So, before you take your new pet home, you will already have a pretty clear idea about how they are going to be. If you are looking for a senior pet with certain characteristics, you can search for one that fits certain categories.
  3. They can still learn new things – By their age, senior pets already know all of the tricks that new kitties and pups are just beginning to learn. This makes senior pets more attentive and ready to learn new things.
  4. There is more time for activities – Senior pets are usually more relaxed in their environments. They have already had all of the sensory experiences of new sights, sounds and smells, so you are more likely to have a relaxing time enjoying activities with them.
  5. They are less demanding – Senior pets can be pretty independent. Almost all of them have already had training, so there isn’t much to do in that department. Your older animal should have no problem adjusting to your home and lifestyle. Just remember to keep up with their routine care services so that their health is always in optimum condition.

Quality Care for Your Senior Pet

We care about your senior pets and understand the importance of routine checkups for them, especially at this stage in their lives. Our pet doctors in McAllen can provide excellent care for your loving senior pet. We have geriatric programs that are specifically designed with your older pet’s needs in mind. Call us at 956.787.2709 to schedule an appointment or visit our office to begin or continue your pet’s routine care.

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