Have you ever feared that a black cat crossing your path would bring you bad luck? If so, chances are that your superstition was influenced by mainstream media, such as movies or books. In North America, it has been a tradition for black cats to be associated with witches, especially around this time of year, but let’s look at the positive things about these adorable animals.

To celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of black cats, National Black Cat Day will be take place on October 27th. This is a great time to bring awareness to the prejudice that black cats may face around the time of All Hallows’ Eve.

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Adopting a Black Cat

While some rescue and animal shelters will not allow black cats to be adopted around Halloween, because of the fear that these cats will be mistreated, other shelters do not have such a policy in effect and instead push for the adoption of all animals year-round. There have been entire campaigns revolving around the adoption of black animals.

Caring for Your Black Cat Around Halloween Time

If you own a black or black-and-white cat, it would be safe to take special precautions now that October is here and Halloween is just around the corner. Be watchful of your cat when it is outdoors, and if you aren’t present to keep an eye on it, try to keep it indoors as much as possible. As with any pet, you should also be sure to keep it in a safe place on Halloween night. They may become frightened by people out celebrating or may get taken.

Wiping out black cat superstitions that have been around for many centuries would be a hard thing to do. After all, most of us see black cat decorations set up around Halloween year after year. What we can do, though, is educate others about black cat myths and let them know that these cats are living and breathing animals that deserve love and attention just like any other animal. You can show some extra love to these exquisite creatures by donating to animal shelters, supporting a black pet adoption campaign or adopting a black cat yourself.

We Love Your Feline Friend

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