A routine dental cleaning for your pet can keep their teeth as strong as ever and looking great! However, don’t think that just because the veterinarian got the job done, you won’t have to keep your pet’s teeth healthy at home. Don’t know what to do? Don’t worry. The veterinarians from Valley Animal Hospital in McAllen have all the information you need.

Simple Tips

Once back home from your furry friend’s trip to the vet, you can follow a simple set of steps to keep their oral hygiene in top shape and lengthen the intervals between dental visits. These include:

    • Plaque prevention product – this substance can be applied to your pet’s teeth and gums to create a barrier that keeps plaque from forming.
    • Daily brush – A daily tooth brushing can be just as beneficial to your pet as it is for you. You can use a child’s brush or a finger brush, but no adult human brushes, which may contain ingredients harmful for your pet. Your cat or dog can additionally enjoy the taste of pet toothpaste, which comes in a variety of flavors such as chicken, seafood and malt.
    • Dental treats – There are many treats and diets that contain ingredients designed to prevent the materialization of tartar. If you’re not sure what to get, the veterinarians at Valley Animal Hospital will give you some great advice!

Healthy Teeth, Happy Pets

At Valley Animal Hospital in McAllen, we understand your pet’s health is of great importance to you and your family. Whether he’s furred, beaked or scaled, know that our team is here to keep your pet as healthy and strong as possible. If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to call or visit us in McAllen today!

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