National Pet Dental Health Month continues this week, and while pet owners are reminded to make sure their fur-covered friends have healthy oral hygiene, it’s also important not to forget our feathered friends. A bird may not have the pearly whites most animals do, but their beak is their most versatile tool. Birds use their beaks to eat, preen their feathers, climb and fight off predators. Here are a few tips on keeping your pet bird’s beak healthy.

How can you keep your bird’s beak healthy? Don’t wing it! Leave it to Valley Animal Hospital for the right advice.

Consider Natural Wood or a Conditioning Perch

Wood perches are a wonderful way to keep beaks sharpened and healthy. Birds often chew on branches in the wild, so bringing a wooden perch into the cage not only mimics a bird’s natural surroundings, it helps prevent its beak from becoming overgrown. Similarly, conditioning perches, which are often made of pumice, provide a great way to keep nails and beaks filed.

Pelleted Bird Food

Instead of choosing traditional birdseed, opt for pelleted bird food. Pellets are best known for containing the proper vitamins and minerals to provide a balanced diet to keep your feathered babies happily chirping. Pellets also help pet owners avoid the mess birdseeds make. Add a side of fruits and vegetables to your bird’s meal and your flying friend will have a healthy beak to boot.

Cuttlebones and Chew Toys

Placing a cuttlebone in your bird’s cage provides it with a great source of calcium. The soft powdery texture allows birds to sharpen their beaks on a nontoxic, all natural substance. Chew toys also help keep a bird’s jaws moving and entertained.

Visit Us for Your Pet’s Needs

As we continue to highlight the importance of dental hygiene for National Pet Dental Health Month, it’s important to take care of our feathered friends, too. Whether you’re a first time bird owner or a longtime bird lover, just remember, every birdy is welcome at Valley Animal Hospital in McAllen. Give us a call or stop by with any questions you might have.

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