Moving to a new home can be a hectic and stressful situation for anyone, especially a cat. Chances are your feline friend would rather stay nice and cozy in a familiar place than making the move to the great unknown. However, making the right preparations can be the perfect way to make the best change in setting.

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Getting Ready

The first thing you should do is having your cat familiarize itself with the carrier you’ll be using. Leave it out and ready with a comfy blanket so your cat can crawl inside and get accustomed to it. Try to feed your cat close to the carrier and gradually move the food closer until you’re able to feed him/her inside. Through this process, make sure your cat’s schedule is unchanged. Feed and play with him/her at regular times.

Making the Big Move

On the day of your move, feed your cat a smaller breakfast to prevent an upset stomach. During the move, refrain from letting it out from its carrier, no matter how much it meows to be let out. The last thing you want is for your cat to run out and wreak havoc. Once you’ve made it to your new home, place your cat in a closet or restroom with its food, water, bed and litter box to prevent it from becoming scared and running about when furniture and other items are being moved.

Settling In

It’s very important for your new home to be cat-proof. This means tucking away any dangerous wires, closing all windows and making sure no pest-control poisons have been left unattended. The next thing to do is pick a room where your cat can spend the next several days while it gets used to its new surroundings. Make sure its food, water, litter box and bed are there along with a few toys.

In the next few days, continue to spend time in your cat’s home base to help it feel more comfortable. As the days advance, place a second litterbox where you’ll permanently want it along with the first one you prepared. This will allow your cat to familiarize itself with the house while providing the opportunity to get back to the room it desires.

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