The cold winter months can be harsh and unforgiving for many of our beloved pets, which makes providing the warmest accommodations a must. While wild rabbits ride out the cold in their underground tunnels where temperature don’t fall below freezing level, your bunny might need a bit of help if he/she lives aboveground. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. At Valley Animal Hospital of McAllen, we’ll show you how to prepare your pet rabbit’s home with our easy-to-follow guide.

Your pet’s comfort matters and so does their overall health! Schedule your visit with us to help keep your pet strong and healthy.

Repairing Your Bunny’s Hutch

Your pet rabbit’s outdoor hutch will provide a great winter home only if it’s in great shape. This means you should make any necessary repairs before the cold winter days begin. Start things off by checking the roof for any holes that may be letting water leak in. If the holes you find are small, you’ll be able to repair them easily with roof sealant. However, if the entire roof needs to be replaced, do so with marine plywood covered in roofing felt.

The walls of your rabbit’s hutch will often wear and rot, allowing water and cold inside. To prevent this from happening, apply a new coat of pet-friendly wood preservative to your bunny’s hutch. Rising dampness can also be an issue to the hutch’s foundation, so if it doesn’t already have legs, elevate it by placing it on top of cinderblocks for the winter.

Make it Warm

The large mesh doors of your bunny’s hutch can allow the cold weather in but you can keep it out by covering them with a clear Perspex or plastic. However, keep in mind that ventilation is highly important, so leave a gap a few inches wide when covering the doors. To make things even cozier, you can cover the hutch with an old blanket, retired carpet or hutch covers.

If it’s possible, relocate the hutch to a shed or garage, but make sure no cars are stored in it as hazardous fumes can pose a health risk to your bunny. To top things off, provide a warm and snug sleeping area in your rabbit’s hutch. Place a box for him/her to sleep in and insulate the rest of the hutch with straw or newspaper. If the cold is too aggressive, you can fight it off with a snugglesafe microwavable heat pad.

Valley Animal Hospital is Here to Help

At Valley Animal Hospital, we know you’ll do whatever it takes to keep your bunny, or any other pets, as comfortable as possible. Let us help! Our McAllen-based veterinarians work around the clock to provide complete animal care services. Give us a call at 956.787.2709 for more information about how we can help today.

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