In part one of our winter rabbit care series, we shared some important information about the things you can do to keep your pet bunny warm and safe during the harsh winter months. At Valley Animal Hospital of McAllen, we know you want what’s best for your pet and we’ll work to the best of our ability to help you keep them healthy and happy for years to come. In part two of our bunny comfort series, we’ll share some more important tips that will provide your bunny with the comfort and warmth he/she needs to beat the cold!

Your pet should be in top health year-round! Let Valley Animal Hospital help today.

Food and Water Are a Must

It takes a lot of energy for a rabbit to stay warm during the winter, which is why they’ll need more food. The best way to see if your bunny is taking in the most beneficial amount of food and keeping a healthy body weight is to monitor his weight regularly.

There’s a high chance that your bunny’s water bottle will freeze during the cold days of winter. The best way to prevent this is by insulating their bottles with either a store-bought cover or a self-made one you can make by wrapping it in bubble wrap and an old sock.

If your bunny uses a bowl, you can keep their water from freezing by sinking the bowl into the dirt if his/her hutch is at ground level. However, if the hutch is elevated, the water can be kept from freezing by using a heated water bowl or a snuggle-safe heat pad.

Keep Your Bunny Active

Winter isn’t just about cuddling and staying warm for your bunny. In fact, rabbits still need their daily exercise during the cold months. It’s a good idea to allow your bunny an exercise run but only if he/she has access to a warm spot to rest. Ideally, you’d want your rabbit’s hutch and run to be attached. However, if this isn’t possible, you can simply place a small shelter inside the run, such as a small clutch or a wooden box.

Time to Take on the Cold

With Valley Animal Hospital’s tips, your bunny will be ready to stay warm and safe during the cold months of wintertime. Our staff of veterinarians and professionals knows how important it is to keep your pet healthy year-round. Whether your rabbit is a bit under the weather or your dog barked up the wrong tree, know that Valley Animal Hospital is here to help. Contact us in McAllen today for more information.

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