Summer is the perfect season to spend some time outdoors with your family and pets, but it’s important to be cautious when letting your friend run loose during playtime, especially if it’s of the exotic variety.

These pet types can include:

  • Rabbits
  • Hamsters
  • Guinea pigs
  • Chinchillas
  • Hedgehogs
  • Bird

These may have a higher risk of harm while outdoors due to predators, the weather, or something more. Our veterinarians want for you to know that there are three easy steps you can follow to keep your pet safe and healthy while they play outdoors.

#1: Avoid Predators

It’s tempting to let your children play with your exotic pet outdoors, however, even if said pet is on a harness, leash, or in a poorly-reinforced cage, they can easily run/fly away or be caught by a predator. This is why we want to stress that adult supervision should always be enforced. You can also protect your pet by:

  • Never leaving it unattended, especially if you’re letting it run about in your backyard.
  • Keeping it in a reinforced cage.
  • Keeping it away from other pets such as cats or dogs.

#2: Avoid Direct Sunlight

Furry pets, such as chinchillas, may not endure the heat of summer as well as other exotic pets do. Leaving your animals exposed to direct sunlight can cause heatstroke and dehydration, which can be deadly for smaller animals. You can further keep your pet from harm by providing it with plenty of water and constant shade.

#3: Avoid Unsanitary Cages

If you prefer to keep your pet outdoors in a cage, the cage will need a moderate amount of upkeep to prevent a buildup of droppings, urine, and dirt. These buildups can result in disease and bacteria forming, both of which can be very harmful to your four-legged or feathered friend. Do the right thing and clean your pet’s cage around once every week to ensure that it’s healthy and happy.

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Protect your exotic pet by scheduling a visit with our vets. We can provide more tips for you to ensure that your furry or feathered friend is well taken care of and happy. We also offer microchipping for a variety of small mammals. Ask us for more info!

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