Preparing a pet for a hurricane can be overwhelming and nerve-racking, especially when having to evacuate an exotic pet like a bird or rodent. You can help these delicate creatures by preparing an evacuation plan that suits their needs.

In a previous blog, we went over a few tips on preparing your pet for hurricane season and would like to expand on that idea with keeping your best friend safe during an evacuation. Our animal hospital believes that it’s best for you to consider the supplies that your pet will need during the move. Read on below to learn more.

Evacuating Birds

With evacuating birds, we suggest paying extra attention to securing their cage. Birds tend to get stressed in uncomfortable situations such as serious weather or being transported in a vehicle. You can keep your birds healthy and calm during an evacuation by:

  • Covering their cage with a thin blanket or sheet to prevent them from becoming overly afraid.
  • Placing their cage on the floor of your vehicle instead of a seat to prevent it from falling over.
  • Bringing water since nerves may make them thirsty. And it’s best to not include a water bowl since spills might occur. Include a water bottle that attaches to the cage itself.
  • Speaking with the bird often to let them know you’re there. This will give them a sense that they’re safe since you’re nearby.

Evacuating Small Pets

Tiny pets like hamsters, gerbils, or guinea pigs should be given the same delicate care as birds during an evacuation:

  • Make sure their cage is secured and that it includes enough bedding. Small pets, especially rodents, hide when they feel uneasy, so providing enough bedding is essential. Your pet will feel safer and less stressed.
  • Also, be sure to bring enough water in a bottle dispenser.
  • Communicate with it often to give it a sense of safety.

Contact Us for More Advice or a Microchip!

Don’t risk losing track of your pet during a hurricane. Instead, get your best pal microchipped at our pet hospital! If your pet is found with no identifying collar, a microchip will help identify him/her. Contact our vets about this service and for more advice on keeping your pet safe during a hurricane evacuation! 

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