If you happen to own a pet bird or two, do you notice them endlessly squawking to get your attention? If they’re well-fed in a comfortable environment, you might be scratching your head wondering why they’re acting this way. It could be a variety of reasons like boredom.

The best thing you can do to ensure that your feathered pets are happy is to implement a few things to make life easier for you both. Our vets believe that interaction, proper training, and some natural habits can each go a long way in creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle for your birds. Check them out below for more details!

Join their Flock

A balanced lifestyle for birds includes healthy food and social interactions. When you interact with your bird on a daily basis, you help condition him/her to trust you and prove you’re part of their family. You can also accomplish this by:

  • Interacting or singing with your bird every day.
  • Imitating their positive behavior, such as dancing when they dance.
  • Setting some time each day to play with him/her.

Train Your Bird

If your bird is constantly squawking at you, this might be his/her attempt to get your attention. Our veterinarians suggest training him/her to readjust their habits. To reinforce better behaviors, try:

  • Implementing a reward system when practicing a new habit with your bird.
  • Starting with small steps to achieve the good habits you desire.
  • Avoiding giving them attention for behaviors that you find unacceptable, like squawking.

Implement Natural Habits

Naturally, your pet bird would forage for their food if they were wild, so foraging should be promoted at home as well. You can effectively support this by:

  • Using toys like treat wads or buried treasure boxes during playtime to promote better behaviors.
  • Providing non-fatty snacks to ensure he/she receives the right amount of daily nutrients.

Contact Us for an Appointment

We love birds of all sizes and attitudes! If you have some questions or would like to have your feathered friend examined, then set up an appointment with our animal hospital today!

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