As the year concludes, we unite with family and friends to celebrate the many holiday festivities. With all the holiday party pandemonium, it’s easy to get swept away from your barking loved ones. Don’t let the Christmas merrymaking keep you from forgetting about your dog’s safety. That’s why our McAllen animal hospital put together 9 tips to help you keep your tail wagging companions safe during the most wonderful time of the year.  

Introducing Your Dogs to Other Dogs

Sometimes you want your dogs to experience the same festivities or family get-togethers with you, because after all they are family too; but be sure they know how they will react to other animals. Ensuring your animal is introduced to other animals beforehand if possible, will help by preventing stressing your dog out and aggressive behavior toward other animals. 


Speaking of introducing your pet to other dogs. Be sure they are properly taken care of and neutered. This not only calms their behavior, but prevents other dogs they’re around who possibly haven’t gotten the snip getting pregnant or vise-versa. 

Keep your Pet from Household Toxins

Parties are nothing without delicious holiday foods. Great for humans, not so yummy for animals. Safeguard your pets health by knowing what’s toxic and what’s not. Think twice before giving your pecan pie leftovers to your pup. Learn more here. 

Elder Dogs 

To entice your elder pet to take part in the parties and festivities be sure their lives are enriched, which gives them that extra push to be more active and playful as age can put damper on things. As they get older they lose cognitive function, can have arthritis, cancers, diabetes, and other endocrine diseases. Make sure their lives are enriched to keep them youthful and healthy, and allow them to better enjoy social events. 

Build Your Pets Confidence

Large groups of people could leave your dog scared. How can you tell if your dog is frightened or timid?

  • Hiding
  • Trembling
  • Running away
  • Lack of eye contact

Build your dogs up by 

  • Avoid using punishments
  • Respect what your dogs want/never force
  • Building a strong relationship with your dogs

Be patient each dog is different and require time to trust and come out of their shells

Properly Train Your Dog

Make sure your animal is properly trained and understands commands. Untrained dogs could be troublesome and loud. Prevent erratic barking by 

  • Blocking out light and sound can help your pet better focus on you
  • Reward your pet with clicks and treats, whenever a goal is met for conditioning

Training your dog will give you peace of mind knowing your pet will behave properly at home or public settings. 

Loud Crowded Areas

Loud and crowded areas can be stressful enough for humans much less animals. Don’t force your animals to do what they don’t wish to do. Prevent biting and other violent behavior from your dogs. They don’t mean it, they just don’t know how to react in that setting. 

If Sick, Keep Them Home

It’s always a priority to keep up with your pets’ shots, and give them the proper medication when they’re ill, but if they are sick it’s best not to bring them around other pets. Other dogs may not be able to properly handle the illness and can possibly pose a greater threat to their health than your dogs. 

Keep Warm in Colder Weather

Every dog is different. Be well informed about their coats and the climates they thrive in. Smaller animals and thinner coated dogs may find it harder to keep warm, so be sure to have them wear small coats or extra material layers to keep warm.

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