Being a good pet owner is about more than providing the right food for your fur-baby. It also requires you to make the tough decisions, even at the vet’s office. Valley Animal Hospital knows this and wants to remind you that no matter what stage your pet is in, we can be part of the solution. Even when it comes to the reproductive stage of our pets, and the decision to spay or neuter.

What is the Difference Between Spaying and Neutering? 

Both of these terms refer to the procedure of removing your pet’s reproductive organs in order to prevent future health issues and transmittable diseases. A vet can spay female dogs, cats, and rabbits, or neuter the male ones.

When Should I Spay/Neuter my Pet?

There is an appropriate time to make this decision for your pets.

  • Female pets can be spayed 6 months or older depending on when they reach their full size as an adult.
  • Male pets can be neutered between 6 months or older depending on when they reach their full size as adult. 

Different breeds stop growing at different ages. It’s best to consult with our vets first before setting up an appointment.

How Does Spaying/ Neutering Help My Dog?

Spaying and neutering doesn’t just help control animal population. It also:

  • Prevents the risk of cancer in both male and female dogs.
  • Decreases the risk of joint problems, hernias, and prostate enlargement in males dogs. 
  • Prevents the risk of urinary incontinence, and diseases such as pyometra in female dogs.

How Does Spaying/ Neutering Help My Cat?

For female cats it is a matter of preventing mammary cancer, pyometra, and unplanned litters. For male cats, neutering helps reduce the chance of asthma, gingivitis, and several behaviors:

  • Roaming
  • Fighting
  • Strong urine marking and odor

What to Expect After Visiting a Pet Clinic?

Most pet-patients go home after the procedure with minimal pain. Some could be prescribed pain medication, and a cough may want to persist the first couple of days after the procedure. It is always best to contact your vet if you notice a change in your pet.

Your Pet’s Health

It take a lot of care to keep your pet healthy and happy. Read other articles about:

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