Your furry loved ones are put on this Earth to make life worth living; it’s their world, and we are just living in it. Unfortunately, our animals are here for a good time, not a long time, so treat your pet to a healthy life to extend their life expectancy and ensure they share many more years of memories with their owner.

With thousands of internet sites claiming they know what’s best for your pet, who can you trust? Don’t be discouraged. Valley Animal Hospital sniffed out the misinformation and provided the information you can trust. We’ve dug up a few easy tips to safeguard your pets so you can help them live a ‘pawsome’ life with you.

Ensure Your Pet Has Plenty of Exercises

Just as we need exercise, our animals need to stay fit and be their healthiest selves. Improve their health by taking your pets out for a walk and playing with them. Without exercise, your animal is susceptible to

  • Obesity
  • Poor Strength
  • Being Lethargic
  • More Aggressive Behavior

Our trained professionals offer Behavioral Counseling to ensure your animal becomes well-behaved and healthy. Adding more physical movement during the day will go a long way toward preventing aggressive behavior.

Provide a Well-Balanced Diet Stick to the Routine

We understand your animals love to eat when they want to, but it’s important not to give in to their adorable beady gazes. Set a schedule when feeding your animals, and stick to it. Free-feeding or overfeeding can cause health issues, including appetite loss and overfeeding.

Stick to a Routine and Schedule

Why do I need to stick to a routine? You use one daily to keep yourself on track, and animals are creatures of habit like us. Be consistent by:

  • Don’t overfeed.
  • Give them the same feeding time each day.
  • Stick to a healthy and nutritious diet fed on a timely schedule.
  • As adorable as they are, don’t let their cute little puppy dog eyes sway you into providing them table scraps.

Keep Those Pearly Whites Clean

Cats and dogs have teeth and gums that they can’t, unfortunately, clean themselves. Tartar and plaque build-up can cause an abundance of dental issues for your whiskered friends. When teeth aren’t thoroughly cleaned, they can get cavities, gum disease, tooth loss, and cause discomfort. Brushing your pet’s teeth daily to avoid health concerns is important.

Our veterinarians provide dental care and can take care of any cavity that comes our way. Our thorough cleaning and treatment will boost your pet’s gum health.

Schedule an Annual Exam

We pride ourselves on the menagerie of services we offer our pet-loving community. Here are a few services we offer that can strongly impact your animal’s health.

  • Dental Care
  • Vaccinations
  • Spay & Neuter
  • Geriatric Bloodwork
  • Microchip Programs
  • Heartworm Prevention
  • Flea and Tick Prevention

Click here to learn more about the service we offer for your furry friends.

Be Proactive With Your Pet’s Health

Your animals need check-ups just like us. Whether furry or feathered we offer medical examinations to keep up to date on your friends’ health. Bringing your animals to our hospital will guarantee certified professional care, giving you peace of mind that your pets are in good hands.

This allows you to be proactive on any illnesses your pet may have and get the help you need to improve your animal’s health.

Contact Valley Animal Hospital

Treat your pet to the best animal care the Rio Grande Valley offers, and schedule an appointment with our trained and certified professionals. Send us a message online with questions regarding your pet’s health. Give your furry friends the care and love they deserve, and call (956) 787-2709.

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