During this mandated break, you may choose to house your pets indoors. Cozying up with your furry loved ones may sound ideal, but it can come with unwarranted consequences. Shedding, excess dirt, and pushing boundaries are possible outcomes of bringing a pet indoors. Still, there are steps you can take to live peacefully with your pet. Consider these tips from our animal hospital to create a healthy and hassle-free environment for your pet indoors.

House-Train Your Pet

If your pet has always lived indoors, they know the routine for relieving themselves, but outdoor pets need a little training. Cats tend to learn how to use a litter box relatively fast, but for dogs, it’s a different story. If possible, always seek training advice from a vet. Failing to create a potty routine for your pets can result in a messy home fast. Try these steps while house-training:

  • Set up a designated area and mat for your pet to relieve themselves.
  • Repeat a keyword like “bathroom” when your pet uses that spot.
  • If you catch your dog relieving themselves anywhere else, distract them, and swiftly move them to the correct area.

Reduce Indoor Shedding

It’s normal for a pet to bring in excess hair and pet dander into a home. However, there are active steps you can take to keep your home clean. Reduce the amount of shedding by:

  • Regularly dusting your pet’s crate and living area.
  • Regularly brushing your pet to remove loose hair.
  • Placing a towel or sheet in your pet’s resting spot to grab hair easier.

Promote Exercise and Playtime

One downside to staying inside is possible weight gain for you and your pet. Easily avoid this by engaging in daily playtime. These bonding experiences stimulate your pet’s mind and prevent them from destroying your home out of boredom! Every pet species has different preferences for staying active indoors. Include items such as scratching posts, toys, or a cat tree for your cat. Also consider a crate, bed, and multiple toys for your dog.

Set Up an Appointment

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