Did you and your pet become lazy at home during 2020? Break the habit in 2021! Laziness can deter your best friend’s health and returning to a healthy diet and lifestyle can be more challenging for older dogs. We want to share three ways to help improve your older dog’s lifestyle this year.

Consider Your Dog’s Diet

Consider Your Dog’s Diet

While some older dogs are more active than others, all dogs need a proper diet no matter their age. A healthy diet for older dogs can help them maintain adequate body weight. Our vets can help to determine if your pet needs better nutrition, so stop by for a visit.

In the meantime, ensure that your dog receives:

  • Enough water to prevent dehydration.
  • Protein to maintain muscle mass.
  • A healthy balance of minerals like sodium and potassium to maintain heart and kidney health.

Improve Your Pet's Dental Health

Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health

As dogs age, they might deal with skin and coat deterioration, arthritis, obesity, and dental care problems. Dental health is vital to preventing gum disease and other bacteria from traveling into your dog’s bloodstream, and if you aren’t sure how to do this, then our vets can help.

Talk to Our Vets About Your Dog’s Health

Only a vet can provide a thorough assessment of your older dog’s health. If he/she is behaving abnormally, it may be health-related. Note their behavior and visit us for a check-up.

Consider asking the following questions: 

  • Do I need to change my dog’s routine? 
  • Does my dog lack any vitamins or minerals? 
  • If my dog has a pre-existing condition, what vitamins are safe?

Contact Our Vets Today!

Make it your New Year’s resolution to improve your dog’s health with a visit to Valley Animal Hospital! We’re conveniently located near McAllen, so stop on by, send us a message, or call (956) 787-2709 to make an appointment. 

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